The JOTT Reversible : our waterproof down jackets are now available with Extreme Cold filling.


Change your style in one second

Who doesn't know the JOTT reversible down jacket? Two sides for two styles and two different purposes depending on the weather and your mood. Practical and stylish, it's now available with Extrem Cold filling!

Find your reversible down jacket!


The reversible

The JOTT reversible jacket has been designed to be light avec functional. Thin, you can carry it everywhere thanks to its compact pouch. It will become your best ally for any season.

Made of materials selected to keep you warm and protect you from the wind, JOTT's down jackets are there to last.

90% down, 10% for more lightness
Available in 3 different heat levels
One side made of nylon to protect you from the wind
One waterproof side to protect you from the rain