Enjoy the ride

We are colorful, always on the move, we know how to enjoy everyday life, we like to feel good everywhere, we are free...
We are Just Over The Top.

JOTT, a brand that goes straight to the point

We are convinced, that innovating also means getting back to basics, that creativity can serve simplicity, that a style can be versatile.

We know how to combine functionality and creativity to revisit these essentials, making them more practical, more suitable and more elegant. In short, to reduce the obstacles to your freedom... Thanks to you, season after season, in France and beyond, our brand continues to imagine new products, thank you for your loyalty.


a freedom-loving brand

By capitalising on our history, we are building our "future" with a new emblem, an evolving shop concept and a new campaign.

Enjoy the ride with us!


JOTT, a universal brand

A cross-generational, timeless and colorful brand that stylishly radiates the creative energy of the south in ingenious essentials.


JOTT, a brand that loves diversity

Everyone has their own taste, everyone has their own style. At JOTT, we make sure that you always find the product you need.

We particularly work on our cuts: straight, fitted, adjusted, with and without sleeves or hoods.


Our colorama is here to color your daily life!

Each season, we surf on trends to offer you 12 new shades but our 8 permanent colors are of course still relevant.


Each model has its warmth level

We never know what nature has in store for us, so to ensure your comfort, our good basics are available with different levels of warmth: from ultralight to light to extreme cold or polar cold, we are thinking of you all the time and for any weather condition.

pictos chaleurs
From morning to night, we are your partner with our ultra-light down jackets in easy-to-carry pouches. Whether it's raining, windy or snowing, our reversibles are there to protect you, each model has its own functionality.
Creativity and diversity in your daily life