Our responsible materials

The choice of raw materials plays a key role in reducing the impact of our products. Discover the responsible materials we use in our collections.

Recycled materials

Since 2023, we have introduced the use of recycled materials for certain products in our collections, replacing synthetic fibers such as conventional polyester. Using recycled materials reduces the use of natural resources by giving a second life to pre-consumer waste (fabric scraps from manufacturing) and post-consumer waste (such as used textiles and plastic bottles). 

Our aim is to use more and more recycled materials in our collections.


Responsible down

Down is a natural, durable material with exceptional insulating properties. All our down comforters are made from down from farms that respect animal welfare: the animal is treated well throughout its life, and no force-feeding or live-plucking is allowed.

Force-feeding and live-plucking are prohibited.


Organic cotton

This cotton is produced in compliance with organic farming standards, which exclude the use of synthetic chemicals and GMOs, and limit the use of inputs. This cotton is therefore more respectful of the environment than conventional cotton.

All our t-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts are made from organically grown cotton.


JOTT is committed

Let's resist the shortcomings of our industry - obsolescence and ephemerality - by celebrating the essential, the versatile and the sustainable. At JOTT, we've set ourselves a new rule: to embody freedom and creativity while striving to preserve the planet and respect people. And that's no small thing in our industry.

Discover our commitments to reduce our impact.